Spring at Wellsford Pharmacy

The days are changing into Spring.  The trees are blossoming new leaves and shoots. Lambs and calves playing in green, green fields… allergy season has started with the Pine pollen leaving a yellow stain around puddles.


Histamine reactions are commonly associated with Pollens, Dust and Insect bites & stings. Foods and other substances that come into contact can also cause reactions resulting in Itchiness, rashes, nasal or eye discharges & usually swelling. Taking an Antihistamine stops the cells releasing Histamine, thereby stopping the itchy irritation. Some antihistamines can be taken with other medications, and can be taken long term, alternatively a course of a corticosteroid nasal spray can prevent symptoms developing or treat itchy runny noses. Check with our trained staff which are the best treatments for you.

Fragrance Week 17th – 22nd Sept

Amazing Specials all week starting the 10th of September. All Premium & Lifestyle fragrances  will be a minimum of 15% off for this week only. Selected fragrances will be up to 50% off! Our staff are trained to help you choose from our many new fragrances or classics. Let us know what you have enjoyed in the past and we can show you  what you would probably like. We also know a how to make a fragrance last on your skin longer for those people that find that the scent fades quickly.

Fragrances generally have 3 ‘notes’. The top note dries off the quickest, developing into the mid notes, & then as the fragrance settles on your skin the base notes will develop. Don’t smell a fragrance until it dries as all you will smell is the alcohol fixative. Wait for it to completely dry and don’t rub the area. This is likened to crushing the delicate petals of a flower which crushes the scent.

Here’s some ways of describing fragrance: Floral, Woody,  Oriental, Green, Fruity and Fresh.

Natio Pampering Facials

We have an in-store day on September 11th. Only $15 and this is redeemable off your Natio purchases. Treat yourself or pamper a friend.

Put Friday the 28th of September in your diary. Come in between 10 and 2pm for Free Tastings, Information, Blood Pressure & Blood sugar testing, Two local practitioners, one is a Massage Therapist and the other a Reflexologist will be doing one on one appointments. There will be lots of Specials.

Fabulous Hair Care by David Babaii

Inspired by the remarkable beauty in nature, these innovative haircare products are exclusive blends of exotic natural ingredients. They are free of Sulfates, Parabens, Petrochemicals and animal testing. Ten per cent of profits are donated to WildAid, the global wildlife conservation organization. They are sharing the abundance with you by giving you a 3rd product when you purchase 2 items from their range during September.

Mother & Daughter Skincare Workshop

I’m putting this in September’s newsletter as this event is taking place on Tuesday 2nd of October. This will be an informative & hands on event  where you will determine what skin type you have and how to look   after it and what products will suit you. You will receive a free workshop booklet. A $10 booking fee applies per family, redeemable on purchase.


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